Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fuck da police!

What I have noticed over the years is that there are so many assholes who are polices. Today was pretty typical day until I hit up the Fitness center and checked out my nerve systems on my back. Apparently, car accident and weight room accident few years ago affected my back. My neves on my back isn't doing so well. It wasn't something I wanted to hear right before my work out in the morning. So I got done working out then got lunch. After lunch, I headed out to H.V. public library to study for my Navy Officer exam.

I have made an appointment earlier today because I wanted to get some acupuncture stuff done for my back. I studied about good 2 and a half hour for Navy officer exam then headed out to get to the acupuncture place. It was foggy and misty outside. My GPS tells me to get onto some road I have never even been before. I was going slow because I couldn't see very well because of all the foggy and misty weather. Soon, cop pulls me over and saying that I was going 28 mph in school zone. My response was "WHAT? I did not see any signs." Oh well, this bitch doesn't care. All he wants is to make money for the holiday by ticketing as many people as possible.

I wasn't even aware how fast I was going. I was just so focused on the road and trying to see what's in front of me. He said I was going 28 mph so I believed him. I wanted to make sure so I went to where I started off (Library) to drive the same course again. I saw one school sign with no light flashing. OK! How am I supposed to see that sign in the foggy weather and when I am on that road for the first time ever? On top of that, sign did not even have flash lights.

Fucking assholes. Cops are assholes. The incentive police department give them is so bad. They want to ticket as many people as possible to make money for the holiday. They don't even give a shit that it will stay on those people's record forever. I hope that something as bad or worse happen to that cop and make his day.

With all this... I can only finish today's blog by saying..


Yeah you all go to hell.