Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fuck da police!

What I have noticed over the years is that there are so many assholes who are polices. Today was pretty typical day until I hit up the Fitness center and checked out my nerve systems on my back. Apparently, car accident and weight room accident few years ago affected my back. My neves on my back isn't doing so well. It wasn't something I wanted to hear right before my work out in the morning. So I got done working out then got lunch. After lunch, I headed out to H.V. public library to study for my Navy Officer exam.

I have made an appointment earlier today because I wanted to get some acupuncture stuff done for my back. I studied about good 2 and a half hour for Navy officer exam then headed out to get to the acupuncture place. It was foggy and misty outside. My GPS tells me to get onto some road I have never even been before. I was going slow because I couldn't see very well because of all the foggy and misty weather. Soon, cop pulls me over and saying that I was going 28 mph in school zone. My response was "WHAT? I did not see any signs." Oh well, this bitch doesn't care. All he wants is to make money for the holiday by ticketing as many people as possible.

I wasn't even aware how fast I was going. I was just so focused on the road and trying to see what's in front of me. He said I was going 28 mph so I believed him. I wanted to make sure so I went to where I started off (Library) to drive the same course again. I saw one school sign with no light flashing. OK! How am I supposed to see that sign in the foggy weather and when I am on that road for the first time ever? On top of that, sign did not even have flash lights.

Fucking assholes. Cops are assholes. The incentive police department give them is so bad. They want to ticket as many people as possible to make money for the holiday. They don't even give a shit that it will stay on those people's record forever. I hope that something as bad or worse happen to that cop and make his day.

With all this... I can only finish today's blog by saying..


Yeah you all go to hell.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Girls Girls Girls...

Girls are so stupid.

Girls will even fuck you in the "public places" and such as long as you are the slut, and she is the little angel who happened to accidently fell on your penis.

***The Play Boy Club***
President: Huge Player
The bearer of this card is a full-fledged member of the Play boy Club, those men dedicated to chasing pieces of ass around, while sworn to a life of debauchery. He professes his love to all and commits to no one. The Play boy wines, dines, and sixty-nines.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cutting Ties with Her

This blog is the 2nd part of my previous blog I posted.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleek's first on Sept. 15th 2008

My b-day is Sep. 23rd. It means that ALMOST after 23 years... I'm still 22 yrs old
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Austin Aug 22-24 with Dallas PUAs

Let me just first say that our trip to Austin was a blast. I would like to thank PC for taking charge and sponsoring this event for everyone. I never got to thank you properly man. I will get you a shot next time we're out, PC. Acuity, thanks for driving us man. I owe you a shot, too. I am glad everyone got their ass off and joined us on the trip. Lastly, I would like to thank my old wing, Socrates a big thx for taking a break from his work and comin to Austin just so he can welcome me and sarge with me. Now I have thanked everyone, I can start my field report. Here we go.Friday night, we got to Austin late. We had to get ready quick and bolt out. However, Acuity had to take a big crap. Vector and others called us to hurry down to lobby. We headed off to 6th st. I think we went to library first. I met my old wing there and his AFC buds. I wanted to open a set of 2 girls on the table, but wasn't warmed up. Soon his AFC guys went for it. I didn't know it was Socrate's friends. The black guy was just a natural. I was very impressed. However, white guy was just creepin around behind that black guy. Socrates gives me crazy welcome and meets the Dallas Lair guys. As I told you in other thread, he is very obnoxious. I think we headed to blindpig at some point. I got to see RAINMAN and few of his friends from AUSTIN SOCIETY there. I wasn't doing very well. Dallas lair PUAs leaves blindpig. I can't find Socrates either... I am walkin around to find one of yall and was stopped by a decent looking burnette. I don't think it required much game with her at all. We danced a bit and she tells me she's drunk. LOL We introduce ourselves and talked about Dallas and Austin for a bit. Then I made out with her. She tells me to get her number and put it in my phone. I didn't expect much from her because she was mildly drunk. I didn't think f-close was gonna happen anyway. She leaves with her friends. I find Vector and his girl. I talked with them for a while. I see the girl I kiss closed earlier coming downstairs again. I pulled her from her friends to made out with her in front of Vector and his girl. She starts to touch my dick. At one point, she squeezed it so fuckin hard, I think I cummed a little bit on my boxer. What a stupid bitch... That hurt. You don't squeeze man's dick when it is hard that it would involuntarily throw up. Ok fine. You touched my stuff, I want urs, too. I went for her pussy, but she quickly pushes my arm away. I thought she was mildly drunk enough to let me do it. I guess she wasn't that drunk even though she said she was. I told her she sux at kissing coz she really did suck at it. She gets pissed off and wants to show off how good of a kisser she is LOL. We make out more shortly, but she leaves. I think she left coz I touched her pussy. It's not fair when you touched my dick without saying anything, and you won't let me touch your pussy. I don't remember much of friday night. I think I ended up in Pure with PC and Grimm. I got to dance with these 2 fine girls. They had cute little tight asses. I was spankin 'em madly and thought I was in. LOL their friends cock blocked me for sure. I remember the other set I did... This girl was hooked and was all over me. Then her friend pulls her away and cock blocks me hardcore. My target was complaining to her. I couldn't beat my target's friend, so I was just sort of shot down by my target's friend. Night ended without much cool things to remember... I was a little disappointed.Next day, PC wakes me up. (thank you!!) He then tells me I have 27 minutes to get ready. I hurried my ass and got ready before 27 min just to find out that they weren't ready. They actually took about an hour or so before we left lol. (it's ok yall. I forgive u.) We go to guadalupe river. Lots fine girls and great view. I loved it. Water was so cold though... On 2nd time, we see a set of 1 girl and like 5 dudes on tubes with radio. PC made some funny comments. haha. Later on, she and I met eyes. I smile then she smiles. She sort of makes welcoming gest like 'come over here.' however, there were like 5 dudes. I was sober as hell coz I didn't drink and I kinda pussied out coz there were 5 guys. That is why I went ahead in front of group coz of her, but I never get a good chance to game her. PC and others call out "sleek!! where were you???" PC was so hilarious when he was drunk on the river. Vector starts to talk to 2 elderly women. I am thinking... holy shit!! Vector's drunk!! We better save his ass!! However, I didn't want to fuck up his set while he was gaming. So I just let him do his thing. Finesse was so drunk that it took him bout 20 minutes to get out of river with his pink shoes. I think I saw Finesse winging Vector with those 2 elderly women. He did that while he was drunk lol. I think everyone got good laugh out of it.We get showered and dressed to kill. We go out to Rio to eat some Mexican food. PC games some waitresses. I say it was pretty nicely done. He then writes his number on chalk board. He keeps on gettin weird messages from unrecognizable area code... We soon got to a first bar with 2 dollar jager bongs. Socrates and I take 2 shots each as soon as we get there. Socrates leaves to find Dallas PUAs in the bar. I spot a decent cutie who I would give about 7.5. I went direct funny. You could game girls direct in a serious way or teasing way or funny way. I am sure there are lots other ways you can go direct... First kiss close I did back in Austin a while back, I did direct game by doing half serious and half teasing way. It was da blang blang. She laughs at my jokes. She then takes over my frame. (this was a big mistake) She got us to talk about crown and how much she liked it. We then somehow ordered it. I ended up paying for that fuckin shot. I just paid for it anyway you know. I was just thinkin eh what the hell? This is my last night and I want to enjoy. BIg big big mistake. I get her to make out with me for few sec. But her friends were behind her, so I wanted to isolate her. I soon isolate her near Dallas PUAs and Socrates. I didn't want to go so far to the dark coz she might get scared. But I think I should have... I make out with her lots. Socrates comes in perfect timing and DHVED me like crazy. That's why I love Socretes man. We just take care of each other very well. I didn't need no stories or nothing. I know she was already hooked coz she's makin out with me, but it was a good thing he did that for me. Everyone leaves to Aquarium. I stay with her for a bit. I reach for her g-string under her dress, but she takes my hands off. I think this is bad habbit of mine. I can't keep my hands off their "assets." It is only natural for me coz I am a virgin lol. I want them assets ok? We talked little more and everything is going good. Since I bought her shots, I ask her to buy us shots. She then tells me she has no money. What? bitch! You said you would buy next shots when I paid for the first one!! I get pissed off and called her out how she used me for shots. She then denies it blahblah. She gets pissed then tells me she'll be back. She goes to talk to her friends. I wait for her for about a minute then I got out of that bar. Girls are fucked up. Btw, it was funny how she didn't believe I was a virgin. She said my game was outrageous and told me I was a liar. lol You're wrong bitch. I really am a virgin with a game. LOLI meet the group at aquarium. However they were just bout leaving. We went to sixth bar with 2 stories. I did few sets but there's only one that is worth talking about. It was a set of 3 girls. They were from Puerto Rico and Mexico. This Puerto rican babe in a white dress had THE BEST ASS. I never seen such an ass like that. JLO's ass was no match for hers. She had unusually strong back to support her perfect applebottom ass. I make some funny comments. I don't remember much but they all laughed. I started to grind on her ass. OMG it feels so awesome!!! :D I wanted to stick my dick thru her dress and g-string. I loved how she told me "my mama gave me this," "you can't handle this" and etc etc with accents. So sexy. I started to feel her ass and played with her white g-string. I cuoldn't handle the logistics very well. Damm it. She asked me what I was doing late and told me they are going to Vicci's. I seriously think I should have hit on her friends then get all 3 to my and Socrate's hotel... I cuoldn't really come up with good logistics coz my head was clogged with lust and image of her naked. I tell her to touch my dick. She does lol. I tried to kiss close but didn't happen. At this point I seriously think I should have kissed her friends. I had good vibes with all 3. I was touchin her friend's ass, too. I think I gave too much attention to that applebottom hottie. I should have divided my attention to all 3 so none of 'em would have been left out. The reason I am saying this is that they weren't trying to cock block me or anything. They were comfortable with my presence and was comfortable with me touching their asses and body. I seriously could have handled this to 4some that night... FUCK!! I didn't bother number close coz I am getting back to Dallas the next day anyways. I dind't number close anyone coz number doesn't mean shit in Austin... I don't live there anymore. I was so disappointed, but I could still feel her perfect ass with my hand. I felt like I would be cured from any disease if I just touch her ass...Socrates and I headed to Union Park. I get this hot latina girl who smiles at me over the fence. I kiss her cheeks and she kiss mine. She tells me to have a good night. I intended to go sarge for her later. Bouncer slips Socrates and me in there. As soon as I got there, I gamed this group of 8 girls who are from all different countries. Socrates leaves then I leave the set later. We do some sarging a bit. As always Socrates always impresses me. He has almost zero fear. Btw, I was feeling sick since 6th bar because of Mexican food and lots liquor right after.. I was telling everyone I am going to throw up and etc. I was feeling shitty, but couldn't stop sarging lol. I paid lots money for that restaurant food. There was no way I was going to throw up all that expensive food. I manned up and didn't throw up. I felt better when we got to union park... maybe it was coz of all that walk. LOL Anyways we do some sarges together. Everything is going good. We find a secret dance room. lol!! Socrates games this a set of 2 girls so I winged him. She couldn't cock block him lol coz I was keeping her busy as hell. Socrates get her to be all over him and I think they kissed. She goes and gives hug, but socrates was sweaty as hell. She got grossed out and it was downhill from there. Dam... socrates, you need to do something about all them sweats man. LOLNot much sets that I can remember on top of my head. I rejoined that set of 8 girls from other countries. They were all little cuties. Earlier I did good job dhving myself and showing them I was the interesting guy. I showed them I was a brave guy who would come into group of 9 girls. (maybe it was coz of booze lol) 2nd time when I was with the set, they were telling me to go home with Jessica. Jessica is a columbian chick with cute little body. All her friends were telling me to go home with her and etc. I am like wtf? SHe is playin hard and shit. I return to her friends and asked them wtf is wrong with her. They tell me she is a shy girl and she plays hard to get when she likes someone... Soon 3 guys come in. I guess somehow I pissed off 1 big dude. He had no balls to confront me though. It felt like it could get physica with me and 3 dudes soon. I call Socrates for help but he is workign a set. Dam!! One of the 3 guy is trying to get Jessica. socrates comes up like 15 minutes later, and I told him it's ok. They never came and called me out to fight. It hit 2o'clock and bar is getting ready to close. The group kicks out those 3 girls and invite me to downstairs with them. Jessica is still playin hard to get and shit. I got pissed off so I went to look for Socrates. I couldn't find him lol. I found him but now I couldn't find Jessica and her friends... Wow wtf. I worked my magic and got their friends saying "go home with her. she likes you! she thinks you're cute!" to no action. Socrates and I tried to game on 6th street, but people cleared out quick. We went back to hotel. I was pissed coz I ended with no Jessica that night and I also messed up Socrate's set. When he came up after 15 minutes, his set has left him while he was gone. I call vector and heard some girls. I thought there were lots girls in the hotel. However there were only 2 girls. Socrates and I leave coz I didn't want to cock block whoever picked those 2 girls up.Oh and at one point, I saw a girl from my facebook friend's list. We never met but somehow we were friends. I think I was friends with one of her bestfriend. This girl is a fine lookin mama. I would give her 9. I tell Socrates this and goes after her. I told him her name so he kenw her name LOL. I guess she prolly freaked out. I wanted to go wing him, but I apparently came in at wrong time. I fucked up. When I entered the set, she was like "I think we know each other. I seen you somewhere. Do we know each other?" lol. I think she knew I was from facebook. I guess we talk a bit and decided to hang out sometime by arranging it thru facebook lol. This girl is a party animal... I donno we'll see. I wish I still lived in Austin lol.I think I did decent on both nights coz Austin is like my hood. I know the venues and I feel comfortable at 'em. I know what type of people they have on 6th and etc. If any of you Dallas PUAs think that yall didn't do as good as usual, don't beat urself down. It's prolly coz you're not so familiar with Austin venues. I noticed that I wasn't really good at sarging at Red River (cowboy bars) with country music and piece of shit staffs.3 nights I've been out in Austin last time, I kissed closed at least one girls each on each night lol. The first girl I kiss closed few month ago, 2 girls on 2 nights this past weekend. Hmm.. I feel so used by a girl on saturday night tho. I should have had a f-close if Socrates was around :( fuck!! it's ok socrates. I could have pulled 4some if I fuckin divided my attention to each girls. Damm it. it is all apple bottom girl's fault!! She made me give all my attention to her ass!!MISCS:I originally jumped in this trip because I got a message from a SA girl who is dead drop hott!! She and I texted naughty things back and forth. SHe was the one msged me first. She told me to spank her hard and finger her etc. I felt lucky but she ended up flaking and not answer any of my texts... WTF?I soon tried to get the girl I kiss closed for the first time to come out on 2nd night. ME: Hey! I'm in Austin with bunch people. You should come to dt with us tonight.HER: hey sorry this phone number isn't saved to my phone. Who is this?ME: Sleek. your tongue was down my throat lolHER: Oh ya! sorry! LOL thx the reminder!ME: Ready for round 2? ;) (thx to alphamo for this)HER: Lol not sure I partied my ass off this past week for my bday. Ill let you know if I make my way out dt.I then didn't msg her for hours coz I was floating on guadalupe river.ME: Hope you had fun bday. it's my last night in austin. I'll be in dt. You should come.(I said this to create urgency. I won't be around forever and didn't want to sound desparate, I used word "should")no response...ME: bring ur bestfriend. Since she's korean, we might get along lolNo responses... fuck it.Today, I texted her saying " Sorry i didnt' call you in dt on sat night. I got sillyfaced early! lol"No response... oh well.I was expecting one of the 2 beauty to show up, but none did.I think I am so close to gettin what I want... I'll definitely get to it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleek's First

So I went down to Austin from July 8th to 11th to hang out with my friends. I was able to drive down there because my sister was having an orientation at UT. I pity her because she is already $20,000 + in debt as an incoming freshman. The education is all about business. I can tell you that. I dropped her off and went straight to Mitch's place at north campus. We basically watched the show called "Dexter" the whole day pretty much with Caleb, Mitch, and Renae. I am not gonna lie, it was an awesome show. It is about some serial killer who is a police officer. It was already dark outside. Renae and I got hungry so we decide to go find a place with decent food. We didn't want some crappy fastfood. We drove around North Campus HEB complex. Everything was closed. We got on 35 then onto MLK. Nothing seemed open. We drove around guadalupe, but everything was closed. I started to feel like Renae and my trip to find a place to eat was almost like "Kumar and Harold goes to white castle" except for the crazy stuff happens in between. We finally arrive at Chillis. It was amazing that place was still open that late. Afterwards, we got back to Mitch's place. The party started at Mitch's. So I decided to go to other friend's place to spend a night because I woke up at 4am to drive down to Austin.
Next morning, I find out that my friend was gay. I bolted out from his apartment and went to Mitch's. I discussed it with my friends about this awkward discovery. My friends soon made fun of me because I spent a night at his place. Well no worries. It was John's 21st b-day and we headed downtown. We were having tons of fun. We stopped by at one bar. I noticed the very attractive burnette with a great body. I soon approached her. I went really direct this time. Under a minute we met each other, we started to make out hardcore. I never really went super direct like this before. I liked this burnette and wanted her. It did work. I have successfully attracted her. However, I must have made a mistake. We did agree to see each other later that night, but she never answered my phone call.
I really wanted to get to know her. Not just physically, but her personality and more in depth. My flaws while I was approaching her had left a dent. I guess I will have to understand her situation. I made her look bad in front of her friend. We were just so hott at that moment that we forgot about everything else but two of us. Only thing I got out of it was that my social value and proof by friends. They respect me way more than before. But this wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to get to know her. Although, I know her name. I won't post it up here to respect her privacy. Another day is gone and moved onto 10th. I hung out with Mitch at his work for few hours. We were having fun filming lifeguards how they were doing with Rob. It looked like we were spies or something haha. Some poor lifeguard fell asleep while he was supposed to be on stands. He got fired. Poor kid. I guess I don't remember what happened during the 10th. I think we checked out the pool where Samantha was working at. That pool was awesome. On 10th the night, we went to some quiet and small bar. I played darts with Julien, John (the other john), and Mitch. We came back and fell asleep shortly after. It was already my time to leave in the morning. I had to pick up my sister and leave Austin.
I feel like I belong Austin. I am more familiar with Austin venues than Dallas ones. This is where I belong. Although, I can't stand Austin's parking and traffic issues. Austin is a great town if you live on the good sides. Don't live on Riverside or Oltorf areas. It's the ghetto side where you will have to risk your life to live. I am hoping to hit up Austin again some time soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleek meets an unique douchebag

So I get a call from some dude named "Anthony" from Life Time Fitness yesterday. Not too long ago, I applied for "front desk" and "lifeguard" position. He wanted to interview me. I was a lifetime fitness member already. I wore nicest jeans, polo shirt, and shoes I had to get ready for the interview. Shoes were almost as nice as dress shoes. I got there 20 minutes early and waited for him. While I was waiting, I get a call from A.E. asking me if I was still interested in positions. I said yes and we set up interview time. I waited for a bit then this dude comes up to me and introduces himself as Anthony. I told him it was nice meeting him. Soon after that, he started to talk shit about my cloth. He said, "You are supposed to wear suits. Every interview, you are supposed to wear suits." My ass. When I went to interview for Farmers and other big companies, I didn't even have to wear suits. I was speechless. He kept on saying that because of how I am dressed, he can't interview me today. He then added, "I will interview other people and if I don't find good people, I will contact you." Ahhahahahaha. That almost got me laughing. I wanted to talk shit back, but I chose not to because that's where I go to work out and didn't want any ruckus.

I mean does he even know I applied for front desk and lifeguard? Do I have to wear a friggin suit for stupid positions like that? I really could careless because I got plenty other offers. He was all stuck in his head that his position was the best job people could have in Dallas or something. Eh... enough about this. I just thought I would post this because it was really unexpected.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Prison Break!

I need to get the hell out of here.
Economy is so messed up!! Thanks to Bush for his "awesome" policies, we are all screwed. Gas price is ridiculous. Gas price has gone up nearly 4 times since he first got into office. All employers are more focused on firing/laying off people rather than hiring younger generation people. It's hard as hell to find a job at small businesses these days.

It also turns out that UT Austin was cheap as hell. UT is all about business. They don't give a crap about student's well being and education. They advertise and use their Public Relations to market and say "we care about our students, and education is our number one priority!." I laugh at that. If I could do it all over again, I wish I have gone to UNT or somewhere cheaper, and get just about same quality education as UT offers. UT is just a name. It's like you are paying for the brand, not the quality when you buy cloth or other merchandises. If you think UT diploma can take care of you after you graduate, you are dead wrong. UT wouldn't even want to give me 1000 dollar rebate just because I took slightly more hours than minimum I was "supposed" to take. So they robbed my money and ain't giving anything. They had to make up some BS to keep my 1000 dollars. It is just a fraction of what I paid to UT over the 4 year course. I've spent nearly 100,000 dollars in Austin because of UT.

I do not recommend anybody to go to UT. If anything, go to somewhere like UNT and some other public school.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So It was me

I've got to my parent's place on sunday. It's been 5-6 days here. It feels like I have been here forever. I know I gotta escape from this place. I think I am starting to see a little hope of light in front of me.
So it was all me. After all of this... it was just some parasite that was in my head that was eating me alive. I have got you now. I will remove you and rise up. All these drama and despair caused by my own illusion.
I will rise again. Watch out coz Sleek's coming, and I am unstoppable.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

After graduating from university

So these past few days, I was pretty busy preparing for the graduation. My graduation was at 9 am on Saturday 17th. It was fun waking up at 7am to get ready and attend the ceremony haha. After that, I went to get some snack at "Refreshment Ceremony." I thought it was ridiculous of them to name snack time "refreshment ceremony." We headed to Oasis. It was my 2nd time. I went there the day before, but I just had to take my family and friend there.
I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I questioned myself why I did not drop by this place while I was in Austin for 4 years. I came back to pack and hang out with a friend. (warning: Oasis has great view, but their food isn't tastey at all... and pricey)I got invited to dinner at some badass restaurant in Austin. We had to wait an hour to get a stupid table. I came back started to pack. My friend comes back from volunteering at the 7pm UT Austin all school department graduation. I wanted to make it there, but I couldn't coz we spent too much time at restaurant.
We talked about future, graduation, college, and all sort of stuff about people's lives. We headed off to pluckers and drank quite a bit of beer.

I was forced to wake up early again to finish packing and cleaning. It did not take that long. I turn my keys in and signed out of contract. I was on my way back.

I did not realize until I came back to my parent's house for a bit. I have so much more responsibility than I ever did before. It is like 100 times heavier. I couldn't even feel anything after graduation ceremony until I got to their house. I guess I was too focused on PUA stuff at the end of my senior year. Nevertheless, I am going to have to spend lots of time to find my place in this society. I will probably end up spending a lot of my time, energy, and concentration on that than PU. No matter. Whenever I get chance, I will practice!

I can actually feel the difference post-graduation. I will have to reborn again as I did to become an alpha male to become PUA.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts about leaving Austin

It's been 4 years since I set my foot in Austin to attend Univ. of Texas at Austin. I kind of wish I had found this out such a long time ago. I found this PUA stuff out when I am about to graduate from college... Oh wellz! I just look at this as if God has planned it that way for me because it was the best timing. (I am a Christian btw, if you are wondering.)

TAS had a lot of cool people. I got to know lots cool people such as Trance, Rainman, Cincy, and of course Socrates who is my best wingman in Austin, and others I didn't get to name them here.
I finally got some connections/hook ups through people who run the bars/clubs on 6th street not too long ago. Now I have to head back to Dallas for my future. I used to hate Austin for crazy traffics and dangerous places such as riverside. (I actually have better connections in Dallas tho)

I just couldn't wait to get out of Austin until I got involved with TAS members.
You know it's funny how you get the best moments/things going for you when you are about to be gone. I guess it is how it is. I am definitely going to be posting stuff up on TAS even when I am gone. I found one of the Dallas lair forums there and signed up for it. I don't see much of activity going on, though haha.

I wanted to make this post long and interesting, but I gotta run to get some food.
Oh and what's up with blogger not letting us to edit our previous posts? I noticed I made a typo but I can't fix it hah.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beginning of my journey as PUA

My journey as a PUA started simply and fortunately because of a girl. I got into it at the beginning of April 2008. It's been over a month that I found out about this.

I had awesome night with TAS memebers on May 10th and Socrates on 11th. These 2 days were big steps for me to step up to the whole new world. I am a new person. I am improved and more confident.

It's the whole new world out there. So let the interviews with Sleek begin from this day...