Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts about leaving Austin

It's been 4 years since I set my foot in Austin to attend Univ. of Texas at Austin. I kind of wish I had found this out such a long time ago. I found this PUA stuff out when I am about to graduate from college... Oh wellz! I just look at this as if God has planned it that way for me because it was the best timing. (I am a Christian btw, if you are wondering.)

TAS had a lot of cool people. I got to know lots cool people such as Trance, Rainman, Cincy, and of course Socrates who is my best wingman in Austin, and others I didn't get to name them here.
I finally got some connections/hook ups through people who run the bars/clubs on 6th street not too long ago. Now I have to head back to Dallas for my future. I used to hate Austin for crazy traffics and dangerous places such as riverside. (I actually have better connections in Dallas tho)

I just couldn't wait to get out of Austin until I got involved with TAS members.
You know it's funny how you get the best moments/things going for you when you are about to be gone. I guess it is how it is. I am definitely going to be posting stuff up on TAS even when I am gone. I found one of the Dallas lair forums there and signed up for it. I don't see much of activity going on, though haha.

I wanted to make this post long and interesting, but I gotta run to get some food.
Oh and what's up with blogger not letting us to edit our previous posts? I noticed I made a typo but I can't fix it hah.

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