Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Babble

It's been a while so I decided to babble on about something today. Christmas was cool. I got to spend my new years with friends. I love around November-December times of the year because of back to back holidays. In October, we get Halloween. I know it's not a holiday, but it seem to count as one in this society. After December, we get New Years eve and New years in January.

Today, my old friend's little brother told me about something called, "Pedo Bear." I have no idea who created this thing. It's a pedophile bear which chases little kids and loves to rape 'em. I guess it's entertainment and comedy use. Bear seemed normal to me lol.

I wish I could chill all the time and play PS3, xbox 360. Haha Is that a selfish wish? I guess it might be. I guess not.

I've been having hard time lately. Ah it sucked, but I seem to be getting better. It's still a while before I recover 100%. I'm trying this waking up early thing these days. I know I'm up late at the moment.

I planned to write more, but I'm gonna be off now. Peace.

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