Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting back to my diary/ fun blogging

I decided to get back to blogging. This way I could save trees being cut down since I won't need a physical diary. :) We all got to be economical and environmental right? Amazon is in danger of losing lots trees because of the development Brazil government wants to move forward with.

This world also exists for the generations after us, after all!
I would like to preserve as much as I can for the next generations even if the world is not a nice place.

I think blogging/ keeping diary is a good thing. I can look back at what I have been thinking in the past or was doing then laugh @ myself lol.

People keep changing, world keeps on changing, everything changes. Nothing stays the same. New becomes old. Young becomes old. Everything that was born or created cannot withstand the "time." Everything perishes in the end. Then why are we here? What's the meaning of life? Why are we striving to be the best, achieve something, succeed in life when we are going to die in the end? Is it because we want to leave our names in the history of humanity? What is driving us? Is there something more to life than we perceive? Why are there so many bitter and sad memories? bad things happening to good people? Good intentions gone bad? So many painful things... Despair... LIES.... Lies.... and lies.....God, walk with me. Lend me your strengths and wisdom so I may live my life for you and walk the right path. I want to put smile on your face. I want to gaze upon your beauty all the days of my life in your kingdom.

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