Friday, June 27, 2008

Prison Break!

I need to get the hell out of here.
Economy is so messed up!! Thanks to Bush for his "awesome" policies, we are all screwed. Gas price is ridiculous. Gas price has gone up nearly 4 times since he first got into office. All employers are more focused on firing/laying off people rather than hiring younger generation people. It's hard as hell to find a job at small businesses these days.

It also turns out that UT Austin was cheap as hell. UT is all about business. They don't give a crap about student's well being and education. They advertise and use their Public Relations to market and say "we care about our students, and education is our number one priority!." I laugh at that. If I could do it all over again, I wish I have gone to UNT or somewhere cheaper, and get just about same quality education as UT offers. UT is just a name. It's like you are paying for the brand, not the quality when you buy cloth or other merchandises. If you think UT diploma can take care of you after you graduate, you are dead wrong. UT wouldn't even want to give me 1000 dollar rebate just because I took slightly more hours than minimum I was "supposed" to take. So they robbed my money and ain't giving anything. They had to make up some BS to keep my 1000 dollars. It is just a fraction of what I paid to UT over the 4 year course. I've spent nearly 100,000 dollars in Austin because of UT.

I do not recommend anybody to go to UT. If anything, go to somewhere like UNT and some other public school.

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