Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleek meets an unique douchebag

So I get a call from some dude named "Anthony" from Life Time Fitness yesterday. Not too long ago, I applied for "front desk" and "lifeguard" position. He wanted to interview me. I was a lifetime fitness member already. I wore nicest jeans, polo shirt, and shoes I had to get ready for the interview. Shoes were almost as nice as dress shoes. I got there 20 minutes early and waited for him. While I was waiting, I get a call from A.E. asking me if I was still interested in positions. I said yes and we set up interview time. I waited for a bit then this dude comes up to me and introduces himself as Anthony. I told him it was nice meeting him. Soon after that, he started to talk shit about my cloth. He said, "You are supposed to wear suits. Every interview, you are supposed to wear suits." My ass. When I went to interview for Farmers and other big companies, I didn't even have to wear suits. I was speechless. He kept on saying that because of how I am dressed, he can't interview me today. He then added, "I will interview other people and if I don't find good people, I will contact you." Ahhahahahaha. That almost got me laughing. I wanted to talk shit back, but I chose not to because that's where I go to work out and didn't want any ruckus.

I mean does he even know I applied for front desk and lifeguard? Do I have to wear a friggin suit for stupid positions like that? I really could careless because I got plenty other offers. He was all stuck in his head that his position was the best job people could have in Dallas or something. Eh... enough about this. I just thought I would post this because it was really unexpected.

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Anonymous said...

Going to any interview in jeans makes you a douche bag.