Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleek's First

So I went down to Austin from July 8th to 11th to hang out with my friends. I was able to drive down there because my sister was having an orientation at UT. I pity her because she is already $20,000 + in debt as an incoming freshman. The education is all about business. I can tell you that. I dropped her off and went straight to Mitch's place at north campus. We basically watched the show called "Dexter" the whole day pretty much with Caleb, Mitch, and Renae. I am not gonna lie, it was an awesome show. It is about some serial killer who is a police officer. It was already dark outside. Renae and I got hungry so we decide to go find a place with decent food. We didn't want some crappy fastfood. We drove around North Campus HEB complex. Everything was closed. We got on 35 then onto MLK. Nothing seemed open. We drove around guadalupe, but everything was closed. I started to feel like Renae and my trip to find a place to eat was almost like "Kumar and Harold goes to white castle" except for the crazy stuff happens in between. We finally arrive at Chillis. It was amazing that place was still open that late. Afterwards, we got back to Mitch's place. The party started at Mitch's. So I decided to go to other friend's place to spend a night because I woke up at 4am to drive down to Austin.
Next morning, I find out that my friend was gay. I bolted out from his apartment and went to Mitch's. I discussed it with my friends about this awkward discovery. My friends soon made fun of me because I spent a night at his place. Well no worries. It was John's 21st b-day and we headed downtown. We were having tons of fun. We stopped by at one bar. I noticed the very attractive burnette with a great body. I soon approached her. I went really direct this time. Under a minute we met each other, we started to make out hardcore. I never really went super direct like this before. I liked this burnette and wanted her. It did work. I have successfully attracted her. However, I must have made a mistake. We did agree to see each other later that night, but she never answered my phone call.
I really wanted to get to know her. Not just physically, but her personality and more in depth. My flaws while I was approaching her had left a dent. I guess I will have to understand her situation. I made her look bad in front of her friend. We were just so hott at that moment that we forgot about everything else but two of us. Only thing I got out of it was that my social value and proof by friends. They respect me way more than before. But this wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to get to know her. Although, I know her name. I won't post it up here to respect her privacy. Another day is gone and moved onto 10th. I hung out with Mitch at his work for few hours. We were having fun filming lifeguards how they were doing with Rob. It looked like we were spies or something haha. Some poor lifeguard fell asleep while he was supposed to be on stands. He got fired. Poor kid. I guess I don't remember what happened during the 10th. I think we checked out the pool where Samantha was working at. That pool was awesome. On 10th the night, we went to some quiet and small bar. I played darts with Julien, John (the other john), and Mitch. We came back and fell asleep shortly after. It was already my time to leave in the morning. I had to pick up my sister and leave Austin.
I feel like I belong Austin. I am more familiar with Austin venues than Dallas ones. This is where I belong. Although, I can't stand Austin's parking and traffic issues. Austin is a great town if you live on the good sides. Don't live on Riverside or Oltorf areas. It's the ghetto side where you will have to risk your life to live. I am hoping to hit up Austin again some time soon.

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