Friday, September 3, 2010

Machete was awesome!

Machete was great!
Michelle Rodriguez was smoking hot and so was Jess Alba, Lindsey Lohan, and babysitting twins lol
It was surprisingly good and stupid. Steve Seagal was there lol... For a moment, I thought he was going to touch that hispanic girl's tits b/c he was notorious for grabbing co-starring actress' tits when the films are not rolling lol.
Nonetheless, he did an awesome job being the drug lord lol... I hope Lindsey Lohan wasn't all drugged up... she would straight up be one of the hottest girls in the world if she wasn't all abused by the drugs and shiitz lol She was still smoking! What a surprise! I guess those drugs keep her body weight down?
Robert DeNiro took some funny role in this haha anyways overall, I recommend this movie if you like lots nudity. lol and action with comedy... This movie sends out the huge message to you know which state! ^^ New Mexico!

My ranting here is done and my new photoshop project!
Here is before and after shot!

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