Monday, August 16, 2010

Highschool of the dead - H.O.T.D.

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Is it just me or everyone gets thrilled by zombie suspense? I just like the whole survival in the chaotic world thing. I don't mean I want it to happen. But like in game world maybe? lol
That is probably why I am so drawn to H.O.T.D. (Highschool of the dead). It is a manga/ anime series which takes place in Japan. One of the distribution companies quickly licensed its right to distribute in North America.

You can tell this project is very high budget by just looking at the number of figures moving in the film. It also has 3D background. So far 7 episodes are out! This anime seems like it will catch up with the original manga storyline soon.

I would give this anime/ manga 9/10. Only reason I am giving 9 is b/c of the frequent hiatuses. :)
Other than that, this is a must check out!

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